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We’re AnswerPro, a 24-hour telephone answering service company staffed by smart, friendly, real people who happily answer your clients’ and customers’ needs, day and night. Our multi-lingual call center experts navigate calls with speed and professionalism, ensuring your clients receive the excellent service and care they deserve. Whether you’re a large medical facility, a small, family-owned business, or somewhere in between, we have your phones covered.

Our trained staff is always ready to provide live answering services 24/7. Grow your business with AnswerPro and never miss a call again.
Now more than ever, people want a human connection. At AnswerPro, we will streamline all areas of your call answering with our live, professionally trained call agents, 24/7/365. With AnswerPro’s telephone answering service, your callers will be greeted by a courteous and knowledgeable agent who will deliver a professional caller experience that’s sure to help boost your brand image. If you want to deliver a top-tier caller experience and increase your professional image at the same time, you are on the right page. As a 100% U.S. based answering service, we provide customized solutions that align with the needs of businesses of all sizes and in different industries. Our live virtual receptionist team knows exactly how to interact with your callers on a professional level and represent the voice of your business — all through our logic-based, custom call scripting telephony platform.

Answering Service

No Two Industries or Calls are Alike

Medical Answering Services
AnswerPro is the medical call center that healthcare professionals choose for their unique requirements. With patients coming and going all the time and appointments being scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled – you need staff that is courteous, reliable and professional.
AnswerPro can help make this a reality and answer all of your phone calls quickly and with a compassionate voice on the other end of the line.

Now is the perfect time to impress your patients with every call you receive. Our team at AnswerPro will help you achieve that and answer, transfer, take messages or schedule appointments for your medical practice, office or organization. HIPAA compliant and with no extra fees, our medical answering services will make sure that no call goes unanswered.


Veterinarian Answering Services
Pets are proud members of the family. When pet owners choose you as a veterinarian, they expect the very best. Answering each call during and after-hours is essential for every successful veterinarian. With AnswerPro, you will be able to provide an extraordinary level of attention to your clients and always be there for them and their beloved pets.

Whether you are taking care of small or large animals, you need a unified answering service that will be there 24/7 for all of your callers. We provide you with reliable call answering and dispatch, processing all of your calls in a professional way and directly connecting them to your veterinary practice or on- call DVM.


Contractor Answering Services

Contractors are busy either in the field, creating estimates, site coordination, project management, and countless other tasks. When your days are filled with tasks like these, answering calls can easily be overlooked. This is where AnswerPro comes in.
With our contractor answering services, you’ll be able to minimize interruptions and schedule your next jobs effectively. Our team at AnswerPro can assist with client acquisition and appointment scheduling, so you can focus on your daily operations and project deadlines.

From HVAC to roofing, renovation and cleaning companies, electricians, landscapers, plumbers, and tree specialists, we assist many trade contractors with their telephone answering and emergency dispatching needs as well. Essentially, we are the perfect extension of any contractor business.


Financial Services Answering Services

We provide professional financial answering services and call center solutions that assist you in setting the bar higher and place your clients on the right path to success.

In a world where countless financial transactions are completed online, it can also leave your clients stuck and full of questions as they consider their next investment or financial move. Our financial services answering solutions adapt to your needs and assist your clients around the clock. Ideal for private banks, insurance companies, and other business entities in the world of finance, our live virtual receptionists are here to assist you on all levels of delivering exceptional client service.

If you are providing financial services, you need to be present across multiple channels. Our financial answering services can assist you with building a book of business, increase client loyalty, and succeed by being present for your audience 24/7.

Financial Services

Small Business Answering Services

There is just too much at stake for small business owners nowadays. From daily operations to production and service management, it’s hard for owners to be present everywhere. AnswerPro has developed a unique small business answering service that is designed specifically for you.
On the other hand, managing a small business is a journey that is full of expenses. Having to hire an in-house team for telephone answering can easily add up as another costly expense. With AnswerPro, you can eliminate these worries and get affordable answering services for pennies on your payroll dollars.

No matter what your call volume is, AnswerPro has the capacity to provide the telephone answering support you require, with no call going unanswered and no client being sent to voicemail.

Small Business

Legal Answering Services

AnswerPro provides law offices with an advanced answer call service and call center solutions. From virtual receptionist services to appointment scheduling, we ensure that your callers, clients, and colleagues receive the professional attention they deserve when you’re not available.

Our legal answering services are ideal for lawyers and attorneys who need to outsource time-consuming and distracting work of call screening, client intake, and engaging in ongoing communication with different parties in a legal matter. With our professional team, we can respond to all of your calls around the clock — especially while you’re in court.

By putting our professional virtual receptionists at the front line of your law firm’s communication, you will eliminate much of the friction and frustration that you commonly experience as you navigate through the details of your client’s legal needs.


Real Estate Answering Services
A real estate answering service can do wonders for your business, from message taking to live virtual receptionist services to appointment scheduling at any time of the day or night. We will capture new listing information, forward calls to your mobile phone and let you focus on growing your agency’s book of business.

From sharing information about listings to scheduling appointments, we act as the first line of support behind your real estate agency.

Real Estate

HVAC Answering Services

AnswerPro ensures the very best phone answering service for your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical business. Our team is trained to help you grow your business while making your life easier. With our answer call service, your HVAC business will capture all the leads while filtering out non-emergency calls.