In today’s increasingly challenging business climate, savvy companies are aware that providing exceptional and consistent customer experience is key to building and maintaining brand loyalty, and increasing revenues. Call Center Directory strongly believes that delivering a superior customer experience can enhance the operations of any company; as a result, we are in the business of connecting other businesses to the top local call centers in many parts of Canada, including Nun’s Island.

As your business begins attracting more attention from customers, attending to their every call can become a hassle. Outsourcing your call center needs can help you improve your customer retention capacity and stay productive, as it allows you focus on what really matters – building and growing your brand.

At Call Center Directory, we understand that the interaction between a call center representative and a potential or already existing customer can make or break you. This is why we only provide information on call centers that combine highly trained professionals with top quality hardware which, in real time, can bring you value and competitive advantage.

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14 Commerce Place, 5th Floor , Nuns' Island, Quebec H3E 1T5, Canada